Dear God (1970)

Copyright ©1970, 2023 John Wm Beckner - All Rights Reserved

Dear God, up in the sky so high,
I have some questions, I don't know why,
But I hope you're listening, way up there,
As I send my thoughts through this little prayer.

First, dear God, I want to know,
Why must people leave and go?
Why do they have to say goodbye,
And make tears fall from my little eye?

Is there a reason, a plan you keep,
In the world where angels gently weep?
Do you hold them close, safe and sound,
In your loving arms, on holy ground?

Second, dear God, a question more,
That's been on my mind, that I implore,
Why don't you have a telephone,
To call you up when I'm feeling alone?

I'd love to chat, just you and me,
Share my stories, laugh with glee,
Or tell you how my day has been,
And ask for guidance, like a friend or kin.

But maybe, dear God, you're all around,
In every whisper, in every sound,
In the laughter of friends and the songs of birds,
In the spoken word, and in these words.

So, I'll keep on praying, day and night,
Hoping you hear me from your shining height,
And though I wonder why, I'll trust your grace,
For in your love, I'll find my place.

Dear God, there's one more thing to ask,
A question that's hidden behind my heart's deep mask,
Why am I sometimes bad, I wonder why,
When I really want to reach the sky?

I don't mean to hurt or make Mom sad,
But sometimes I act up, and it's really bad.
Is it something in me, I can't understand?
Please help me to be good, take my hand.

Guide me when I stumble, show me the way,
Help me learn from my mistakes each day.
With your love and wisdom as my guide,
I'll grow stronger, with faults set aside.

Dear God, thank you for listening to me,
For being there in times of uncertainty.
I'll keep asking questions, seeking your light,
As I journey through life, day and night.


9/27/70.Finished. 9/27/23 And 53 years later, just some minor changes. The sentiment was the same as
the original. Mainly fixes to spelling and one word correction. And this 1970 poem was an upgrade
from a single “Dear God” question from the summer of 1969. I was thinking a lot about my Uncle
Phillip who killed himself. Then, this poem was the first of a series, each entitled “Dear God”,
where my 9 to 13 year old mind was asking questions of God. I haven’t decided if I’ll release the
whole series as they get very, very dark. The last two verses were suggested by a girl I had just
met. Her name was Pam. Anyone who really knows me knows the rest of that story.