Dear God

Copyright ©2016 John Wm Beckner - All Rights Reserved

Dear God,
	I am broken and oh so alone
	You always listen while I bemoan
	My mind is unfixable, so I groan
	Once again for a loop am I thrown

My God,
	Enough, I have done it all
	To the depths, no more can I fall
	Eyes to Heaven, I call and call
	On my knees, I feel so small

Oh God,
	I’ve let you down once again
	How do you love we who sin?
	Born to die, since the Garden of Eden
	Hell bound, both without and within

Yes God,
	My heart, you know so well
	So many times did I rebel
	To be good, I wanted you to compel
	But the widest road leads to hell

Dear God,
	Sometimes I forget all you have done
	Wrapped up in myself, feeling undone
	To redeem us, You gave your only Son
	The mercy You show, we deserve none