Cancer’s Journey

Copyright ©2023 John Wm Beckner - All Rights Reserved

Beneath fate's harsh decree, a shadow sprawls,
A journey starts, a hidden struggle calls.
A soul encased in a cloak of despair,
Diagnosis strikes, life caught in a snare.

Gut-wrenching news, a tempest's force,
With every beat, a heart feels remorse.
Alone in a storm of thoughts untamed,
Lost in a sea of emotions unnamed.

Radiation rays pierce the burning skin,
Hope flickers weakly, tears flow again.
Endless nights, the fight does persist,
Against unseen nemesis, we continually resist.

Chemo's embrace, such venomous touches,
Illness and weakness, oh how it clutches!
Draining strength from a once vibrant soul,
Enduring the storm, trying to stay whole.

A silent war, where scars lie within,
The pain and struggle, where to begin?
A warrior's heart beats with fragile might,
Seeking a path to reclaim the light.

Days blend with nights, time steadily flows,
Through ups and downs, resilience grows.
Amidst the darkness and the despair,
The will to live is a flame burning with care.

Supporting hands and love's warm embrace,
Kindness blossoms in this trying space.
Together we stand, united we cope,
In unity, we find strength and hope.

Then, like a phoenix rising from the ash,
A miracle blooms, victory in a flash.
The chains links shatter, the battle won,
The cancer defeated, the pain undone.

The journey's end, a bell tolling near,
A life reborn, casting away fear.
From diagnosis through therapies endured,
A body healed strong, once again assured.


8/3/24 As I await the doctor to let me know if my biopsy will show cancer, I am reminded of the
journey so many of my friends and family have been on. My sister has undergone surgery five times
due to cancer. My father died of metastatic cancer – his struggles included surgery, chemo and
radiation. I have two friends currently with cancer. One has undergone surgery and now is starting
radiation. Another is still struggling with the new diagnosis, knowing that surgery is in her
immediate future.