Brain Pain

Copyright ©2023 John Wm Beckner - All Rights Reserved

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In the stillness of dawn's delicate embrace,
Awakening to a dreaded, throbbing space,
The worst kind of migraine, a cruel surprise,
A needle through my eye, a painful guise.

From the first flicker of consciousness, it starts,
A relentless agony that tears me apart,
Nausea churns within, a cruel twist of fate,
As I navigate a world filled with blinding weight.

The gentlest light, an agonizing foe,
Each glimmer, a torment, a relentless blow,
I seek refuge in shadows, aching for the night,
Where darkness cloaks me, offering respite.

Confusion clouds my thoughts, a tangled haze,
As I stumble through this disorienting maze,
My mind, a jigsaw puzzle, missing its key,
Lost in the throes of this cruel malady.

Vision obscured, a murky, shifting sea,
With a visual aura dancing 'round my periphery,
I yearn for clarity, for a painless sight,
But find myself trapped in this relentless fight.

Excruciating pain, an unrelenting guest,
It steals my peace, leaves me sorely distressed,
Yet within this torment, I find strength to cope,
As I endure the storm of this migraine's hope.

Amidst this tempest of pain, a ringing loud,
In my ears, an unwelcome, persistent shroud,
A symphony of discomfort, a dissonant choir,
A cacophony of agony, fueling the fire.

The piercing tones, relentless and shrill,
They echo through my mind, against my will,
A cruel accompaniment to this migraine's song,
In this dissonant symphony, I'll stay strong.

In time, the tempest shall begin to wane,
Leaving behind the echoes of its cruel reign,
For even in the darkest depths of this strife,
I'll emerge, resilient, embracing life.


9/12/23 The worst kind of migraine for me is one in which I have the symptoms in full control upon
awakening. No warning, just boom!