Behind the Smile

Copyright ©2023 John Wm Beckner - All Rights Reserved

In every smile, a world unknown,
A tale of joy or pain that's sown.
A facade of happiness, oft displayed,
Concealing secrets, deeply laid.

Behind the smile, a heart may weep,
In shadows dark, its secrets keep.
Seeking solace, beneath the grin,
A silent battle deep within.

Chronic pain, a relentless foe,
Behind the smile, it often grows.
Masking the struggles, the hurt, the fight,
Concealing the tears that flow at night.

Behind the smile, stories untold,
Of battles fought, of dreams of old.
But know this truth, in every face,
Resides unrelenting strength and grace.

So, when you see a smile so bright,
Remember, it may conceal a fight.
Offer kindness, empathy, and care,
For behind the smile, a soul's laid bare.


10/22/23 Recently I was with a friend who is undergoing chemotherapy. She was constantly smiling but
I looked deep into her eyes and saw the hidden pain. Her smile showed me her strength and bravery.