Beauty of Motherhood

Copyright ©2023 John Wm Beckner - All Rights Reserved

In the gentle curve of life's embrace,
A woman blossoms with ethereal grace.
When a miracle within her grows,
A radiant beauty effortlessly shows.

Her eyes alight with dreams anew,
Reflect the joy that's deep and true.
A glow that emanates from her core,
A testament to love, forevermore.

A life inside, a world they share,
Two hearts beating, a bond so rare.
Her body's canvas, a work of art,
As nature weaves its wondrous part.

With every step, she treads with care,
A guardian of life, a love to bear.
Her courage strong, an unwavering guide,
Through life's journey, standing side by side.

The whispers of life, a lullaby,
In the hush of night, as stars draw nigh.
Her touch a soothing, calming stream,
A mother's love, a radiant gleam.

In her embrace, a sanctuary found,
Where love and warmth are forever bound.
A woman with child, in beauty dressed,
A miracle of life, divinely blessed.


8/18/23 A friend is with child, and I am reminded of something I told my wife when she was pregnant
with our first child. I told her she was never more beautiful than when she was carrying our child.
She was always telling me how fat she was. So I told her truthfully (in my opinion) that a woman
with a child could not be more beautiful. I meant it. Of course, she told me to stop being stupid.
Oh, well. I do see an “ethereal grace” in pregnancy.