Aunt Ellie

Copyright ©2022 John Wm Beckner - All Rights Reserved

Laughter from deep in my belly,
Is my first memory of Aunt Ellie.
Silly I was, she said to me,
As I laughed aloud, upon her knee.

She read to me many times,
And bribed me to nap with her dimes.
She said being good was the best way to be,
Following the rules was how to be free.

She had no husband her entire life,
I told her at age 5 she could be my wife.
A hearty laugh and "Oh, Johnny",
Was the only response she gave to me.

Christmas and birthdays, her presents were great,
No peeking at gifts, I'd have to wait.
A card always received on the day of my birth,
Reminding me I was a person of worth.

My mom's oldest sister I loved a lot,
The power of learning she gladly taught.
A trip to all the sights in DC,
Is an especially fond memory for me.

As we age, we grow apart,
Always in my thoughts and in my heart.
My sister tells me you've been set free,
In heaven your countenance I will soon see.

Heavenly hosts will be happy to greet,
A wonderful Christian never feeling defeat.
You are missed, but soon I'll see,
The smiling face of Aunt Ellie.


Aunt Ellie passed away, April 7 2022. I felt inspired to write this poem as soon as I heard.