Aslan Paul

Copyright ©2023 John Wm Beckner - All Rights Reserved

To Samantha and Lucy, hearts so true,
A precious gift, a love that grew.
Aslan Paul, a bundle of joy,
In your arms, a precious boy.

Two mommies strong, love's pure embrace,
In your home, he'll find his place.
With double mother’s love, he'll surely thrive,
In your loving care, he'll come alive.

Congratulations on this special day,
As Aslan joins you on life's sweet way.
May his laughter fill your hearts with cheer,
With two mommies by his side, never fear.

A mother's love, so boundless and wide,
With both of you, he'll find his guide.
Samantha and Lucy, a family so dear,
Wishing you joy and love, each and every year.

To Aslan Paul, a precious gift of joy,
An answered prayer, a beautiful baby boy.
Counting tiny fingers and toes, you’re a bundle of delight,
Your arrival fills hearts with love, so pure and bright.

Your eyes like stars, twinkle in the night,
A future so promising, bathed in soft moonlight.
Aslan, a name that carries strength and grace,
In your journey through life, may love embrace.

A pristine canvas, your narrative begins,
With each new day, the saga steadily spins.
May laughter fill your days, and tears be few,
As you grow and discover the world anew.

In your purity, you rejuvenate hope's view,
Aslan, precious child, dreams in you accrue.
With every grin, with every tear that you ply,
You reveal life's beauty, like a vast, open sky.

So, Aslan, let your spirit soar and play,
In this world you've entered, come what may.
With a family's love, forever by your side,
You'll find your way, with love as your guide.

Welcome, little Aslan, to this world so wide,
A precious blessing, in whom Moms’ take pride.
May your days be filled with laughter and joy,
A beloved baby boy, sweet Aslan, pure joy!


10/9/23 This poem has taken several days to write, so as a birth announcement it may be slightly
belated. But it’s all about the well wishes. The first half of the poem is written to the parents,
the second directly to Aslan Paul.