A World Understood

Copyright ©2015 John Wm Beckner - All Rights Reserved

On my knees, wailing to God,
Why must my world be so flawed?
Each moment I am more careworn,
Why, dear God, was I ever born?

My earliest days were full of hope,
As time went on, I could barely cope.
Moments of joy, crushed with sorrow,
Today is failure, I’m desirous of tomorrow.

Life is always on the take,
Thwarting my goals as soon as I wake.
It takes a lifetime to figure it out,
Why tomorrow is filled only with doubt.

Tomorrow is a time where I can never wake,
For when it arrives, it is only heartache.
Tomorrow is merely another today!
Hope has failed, welcome to doomsday.

Let’s reverse this relentless, terrible trend,
And move to the start as if it were the end.
There is no happiness in the tomorrows to come,
Send me back to when I was sucking my thumb.

If only my parents had never met,
They wouldn’t have to biblically beget.
For this poem you never could read,
If they hadn’t done the dirty deed.

I now know there is nothing good,
I realize I live in a world understood.
Don’t be fooled thinking there is hope,
Life is always a slippery slope.