Welcome to BecknerWEB Personal Website of John Wm Beckner

Most of what you'll see here is only of interest to my family and friends.

The poems might have a wider appeal, especially among my mentally disturbed peers. I wrote what I felt at the time with no thoughts of my words ever seeing the light of day. So beware that many include graphic language and imagery. I recommend avoiding this section unless you are interested in extremely disturbing imagery.

The Old-Time Radio section is a great retrospective,especially of the time surrounding World War II.


September 25, 2020I've been assisting my church, Sunrise Church in Chapel Hill NC, with producing videos of our weekly sermons.

Check these out on our church YouTube channel. Be sure to subscribe and click the little bell icon to receive noptifications when new videos are posted.

These include properly produced closed captioning.


On this site you will find some photos, poetry, videos, radio shows, and whatever else I might feel like sharing.

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Photos of my family and friends. Also includes WWII photos taken by my uncle, an official Army Air Corps photographer.

PoetryWARNING - Graphic Material

The moods of life seem to compel me to write poetry. Usually the darker times...


Original videos as well as a presentation from my hobby of collecting Old Time Radio shows.